Frequently Asked Questions

Care of Heathers


  1. Before planting get rid of all weeds particularly perennial weeds.
  2. Always plant with the lower foliage firmly on the soil e.g bare stems below the soil.
  3. 2" peat mulch around new plants.
  4. Plant in open sunny position or semi-shade free from dense shade and over-hanging trees.
  5. Planting distance:
    • 5-7 plants per square yard
    • 12-18" apart depending on variety
  6. Plant in a mixture of peat and soil.
  7. Never plant in pure peat.
  8. Plant all year round but best in April/May or September/October as the ground is warm and damp.


Very little as long as the following points are observed:-

  1. Never allow plants to dry out. Drought is the greatest danger to plants before they are well established.
  2. If well mulched little weeding is necessary. Light dressings of slow release fertiliser, powdered seaweed, hoof and horn manure, dried blood, fish manure, bone meal are beneficial. Overfeeding produces too much soft growth and no flowers.
  3. Pruning - Winter/Spring flowering need pruning only very rarely perhaps once every 2-3 years if at all. Other varieties require pruning on a regular basis after they have flowered every year. This keeps the plant bushy, evenly shaped and covered in new growth that will provide the flowers for the next season.
  4. Complete ground cover within 2 or 3 years.
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